DEW Mask

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DEW Mask

Mask Description

  • 2 layer washable, reusable face masks
  • Outer layer is 98% organic heavy weight cotton/ 2% Lycra
  • Inner layer is antimicrobial, moisture wicking, temperature regulating fabric
  • Ear loop design

Care Instructions

  • Masks are autoclave and UV safe
  • Machine washable, all temperatures
  • Can use Chlorine Bleach and Non-Chlorine Bleach


Important Safety Notice
While this mask or gown will provide a level of safety and protection, it is not N95 certified and is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.
Please take necessary precautions to protect yourself and those you are caring for. Twice As Nice Uniforms is not responsible for the transmission of any viral or bacterial matters while you wear this protective gear. Wear at your own risk.
You assume all responsibility and risk for the use of this mask or gown. Twice As Nice Uniforms does not assume any liability for your use of this mask or gown. No advice or information given by Twice As Nice Uniforms or its employees shall create any warranty. Reliance on such advice, information is solely at your own risk, including without limitation any safety guidelines, resources or precautions related to the use of products produced by Twice As Nice Uniforms or any other information related to safety that may be available from Twice As Nice Uniforms. Twice As Nice Uniforms disclaims any liability for injury, death or damages resulting from the use thereof.