Comfort Clip-On Face Shield - FREE SHIPPING

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Comfort Clip-On Face Shield -   FREE SHIPPING

Comfort Clip-On Face Shield

A sleek, professional face shield designed to clip easily to any eye wear or surgical cap. This protective face shield is to be worn during treatments performed in close contact that may produce splashing or small particles. However, unlike most protective equipment, with this no frame design you and your client will have a more personalized experience.

  • comes in two sizes to fit most any eyewear
  • Universal clips that attach to eye wear from thin to thicker frames
  • Clip on design allows you to wear over loupes and light without distorting light position
  • Design eliminates issues associated with head strap or helmet designs such as unnecessary pressure and skin irritations
  • Reusable lightweight PETG shields that are low distorting and have high visual clarity
  • Open design reduces risk of fogging and allows for better air flow
  • Has a wrap around design for optimum coverage
  • Comes with PVC plastic protective carrying case

You will need the Regular shield if you wear:

  • RX glasses or protective googles
  • Loupes or loupes with low profile light (light that does not extend more than 2” from forehead)
  • Or just a surgical cap

You will need the Large shield if you wear:

  • Loupes with a high- profile light. (Light that extends more than 2” from forehead)

The 14” allows ample room for high profile lights without distorting light position. Light can be easily accessed through the top to adjust when needed. Quality PETG material that reduces glare

The versatility you have on where you clip your shield allows YOU to be in control. Whether you have the Regular or the Large, wear loupes and light or plain glasses, you can clip shield easily to your surgical cap or eye wear. Clipping to your surgical cap is an easier and lightweight way to wear your shield. Clients rave at how they can barely even tell they are wearing a shield! Just CLIP IT and GO!

How to measure eyewear thickness:




Before use: Remove protective film 

After use:

  • Rinse with water first to remove any debris
  • Wash with soap and water
  • Rinse
  • Allow to air dry
  • Wipe down with soft cloth and alcohol 
  • Do not use disinfectant wipes
  • If needed, pat dry. Do not rub
  • To increase the life of the shield it needs to be properly cleaned and stored

****This is a PPE item and therefore it is Non-Refundable/Returnable